Information Communication Technology & Intellectual Property Rights Committee

The mandate of the ICT Committee is 

  • Provide guidance and supervision on behalf of the LSK Council the comprehensive computerization of the Secretariat with specific reference to the requirements, creation, maintenance and management of an LSK management database.
  • Creation of a compendium of Policies, ICT Laws and Regulation, leading ICT Judicial and Regulatory decisions from Kenya Law Courts, Regulatory and governmental authorities and generally advising the LSK Council on Legislation and Bills touching on ICT tabled in parliament.
  • Popularizing the use of Information Technology within the Legal profession and to advice the Council and the CLE Committee on the requirements, creation and dissemination of a curriculum for ICT training for members of the Bar.
  • Coordination and cooperating with other LSK Committees, the judiciary and the AG's offices and other stakeholders in Information Technology
  • Advising the LSK Council on the implementation of ICT issues emerging in the Strategic Plan
  • Advising the LSK Council of the formation of various strategic partnerships with other bar associations to enable access to various online resources.


Committee Members

  • Florence Mwangangi - ConvenerADMISSION NO: __
  • Mary Nafula MutoroADMISSION NO: __
  • Moses Njoroge MuchiriADMISSION NO: __
  • Onjoro, Keith WesongaADMISSION NO: __
  • Odhiambo, Daniel OnyangoADMISSION NO: __
  • Kyalo, Rose MwikaliADMISSION NO: __
  • Onyango, Jackson AweleADMISSION NO: __
  • Mugambi, Jane KarwithaADMISSION NO: __
  • Ongayo, Naomi LaureenADMISSION NO: __
  • Clara Anne NandwaADMISSION NO: __
  • Matata GertrudeADMISSION NO: __
  • Matthew SaisiADMISSION NO: __
  • Helen P. AmbasaADMISSION NO: __
  • Magare, Mathew NyaberiADMISSION NO: __
  • Njoki KariukiADMISSION NO: __
  • Kabau, Tom MainaADMISSION NO: __
  • Almadi, Diana AchiengADMISSION NO: __
  • Ogano, WendyADMISSION NO: __
  • Lucy GakariaADMISSION NO: __
  • Were, Faith ConciliaADMISSION NO: __