Advocates Benevolent Association (ABA)


The governing organ of the ABA is the Board of Management. The Advocates’ Benevolent Association ushered a new Board of Management on  24th March ,2018 and its term runs for 2 years (2018- 2020).

The current composition of ABA Board of Management includes:

  • Ms. Dorcas S. Kitaa (Chairperson)
  • Ms. Janet N. Wekesa - Treasurer
  • Mr. Steven R. Adere - Board Member
  • Ms. Sophie C. Chirchir - Board Member
  • Mr. Allen Gichuhi - President LSK, Ex-Officio
  • Ms. Harriette Chiggai- Vice President LSK, Ex- Officio
  • Ms. Mercy K. Wambua- Secretary/CEO LSK Ex- Officio

The Board makes all policy decision on behalf of the ABA.