Advocates Benevolent Association (ABA)


Membership of the Association consists of every Advocate who is a paid-up member of the Society by S.22 (b) and 23(1) of the Advocates Act and of Advocates admitted to Membership by the Board under Rule 16 of the ABA rules.

It is now possible for Advocates who are categorized under S.10 of the Advocates Act and wish to become members of the Association to make direct payment of ABA subscriptions. Members wishing to do so will need to put in a written request to the Board. 

The current composition of the ABA Board of Management includes:

  1. John Oriri Onyango (Mr.) Chairperson,
  2. Amanya Cohen (Mr.) Board Member
  3. Angela N.M. Mwadumbo (Ms.) Board Member
  4. Barbara A. Malowa (Ms.) Board Member/Treasurer 

Ex-Officio Members

  1. Nelson A. Havi (Mr.) President, LSK 
  2. Carolyne K. Daudi (Ms.) Vice- President, LSK 
  3. Mercy K. Wambua, OGW (Ms.) Secretary/CEO, LSK 


The Board makes all policy decisions on behalf of the ABA.