Young Lawyers Committee


The Young Lawyers Committee deals with matters relating to young lawyers/advocates in Kenya.

  • To advice the Law Society of Kenya Council on all issues relating to young lawyers in the context of the Legal profession in Kenya.
  • To promote the participation of young lawyers in the legal profession and in particular, in the affairs of the Law Society of Kenya.
  • To promote the concerns of young lawyers within the Law Society of Kenya and in the legal profession.


Committee Members

  • Riziki Emukule- Council Member- ChairpersonADMISSION NO: __
  • Mokua ManyaraADMISSION NO: __
  • Denning OkatoADMISSION NO: __
  • Mulama FlavianADMISSION NO: __
  • Pauline Wacu MwenjaADMISSION NO: __
  • Bernadette Atieno OchiengADMISSION NO: __
  • Winfred Moraa NyakundiADMISSION NO: __
  • Ivy MoutiADMISSION NO: __
  • Sally Wanjiru GitauADMISSION NO: __
  • Irene Akoth OttoADMISSION NO: __
  • Muhamud Sheikh MohamedADMISSION NO: __