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An advocate is required to make a request in writing to the relevant institution and upon payment of the requisite amount. Use email address.

LSK charges as follows: 

(i) Advocates with a current Practising Certificate - Kshs. 1500. 

(ii) Advocates without a current Practising Certificate - Kshs. 2000.

Write a formal letter addressed to the Secretary/CEO of the two institutions (Law Society of Kenya (LSK) & Advocates Complaints Commission (ACC). For LSK use

Login to your LSK account and while on the dashboard you will see a link to apply for the practicing certificate for the current year. An online form will open whereby you will fill in your practicing details and submit.

After online submission, you will get an invoice with the amount payable through your email address and also on your portal; print your declaration form in duplicate, pay the invoice amount in the LSK Account - KCB Bank or Mpesa and submit the printed and signed forms to the Secretariat.

NOTE: You need to be CPD and DCC (Disciplinary) compliant to be able to make the application. 

Go to and login using your P.105 number. In case you forgot your password, use the "Forgot Password" feature and a password reset link will be sent to your email address. If there is no email address associated with your P.105 kindly write to

Yes. They were adopted under the Land Registration Act.

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