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LSK Elections Notice

04 November, 2019 02:11 PM Kenya Communications


1. Nomination of candidates for Election for the President, Vice-President, Council of the Law Society of Kenya and the Disciplinary Committee (in respect of the year 2020-2022) pursuant to Part III of the Law Society of Kenya Act 2014 and Regulation 12 of the Law Society of Kenya (General) Regulations 1962).

2. Pursuant to Paragraph 1 there are two (2) vacancies for the Disciplinary Committee for Ambrose Weda and Maria Goretti Nyariki whose terms have expired.

3. Under Section 17 of the Law Society of Kenya Act, the Council shall consist of: The President, The Vice-President, Three (3) representatives of the general membership of the Society, one (1) of whom shall be an advocate of at least 25 years standing, four (4) upcountry representatives, who shall be persons who do not ordinarily practice in Nairobi or at the Coast, three (3) Nairobi representatives, who shall be persons who ordinarily practice in Nairobi and one (1) Coast representative, who shall be a person who ordinarily practices at the Coast.

4. Eligibility for Election:

a. For President and Vice President:

i. A member or former member of the Council: or

ii. A member qualified to be a Judge of the Supreme Court

b. To the Council:

i. A member of the Law Society of Kenya;

ii. Must have been in practice for at least two years, from the date of admission;

iii. Not been found liable for professional misconduct by the Disciplinary Committee established by the Advocates Act, in the three years immediately preceding the election; and

iv. Meets the requirements of Chapter Six(6) of the Constitution of Kenya.

c. To the Disciplinary Committee - membership of the Law Society of Kenya of not less than ten (10) years as an advocate in good standing.

5. Each candidate must be nominated for one(1) position only by two(2) nominators who are members of the Society with current practicing certificates.

6. Every nomination paper must be signed by both nominators and refer to one(1) candidate only, whose consent must be given in writing.

7. Separate colour coded nomination papers have been provided in respect to the election of the President, Vice-President, Council and Disciplinary Committee.

Click on the links below to download the nomination papers for the various positions.

I. Nomination Paper - President 2020

II. Nomination Paper - Vice-President 2020

III. Nomination Paper - Council 2020

IV. Nomination Paper - Disciplinary Committee 2020

The Candidate offering him/herself for Election will also be required to sign and return the Law Society of Kenya Candidates’ Declaration of Compliance Form in the Schedule to the LSK Electoral Code of Conduct, 2015 together with the nomination paper.

Click on this link to download the LSK Code of Elections (Revised 2019). LSK Code of Elections (Revised 2019)

8. Completed nomination papers accompanied by a duly signed Law Society of Kenya Candidates, Declaration of Compliance Form for the positions of President, Vice-President, Council Member and Disciplinary Committee, be returned to the Secretary/CEO, The Law Society of Kenya, Gitanga Road, and P.O.Box 72219-00200, Nairobi so as to reach not later than Monday 25th November, 2019

Any Nomination Paper that does not contain all the information or comply with all the formalities required by this Notice shall be excluded.

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