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Tender Notice 2018
22 June, 2018 04:04 PM Nairobi Communications

Law Society of Kenya is in the process of updating its register of suppliers for Goods and Services for the year 2018 - 2020. Interested and Eligible Suppliers are invited to apply indicating the tender No. of Goods/Services they wish to supply as below.

This applies to both existing and prospective suppliers.



  1. LSK/PQ01/18-20 Supply & Delivery of General Office Stationery
  2. LSK/PQ02/18-20 Supply of Branded Promotional Materials (Brochures, Banners, Mail Bags, Branded T-Shirts Etc
  3. LSK/PQ03/18-20 Supply & Delivery of Office Furniture, Furnishings, Blinds, partitioning and Related Fittings
  4. LSK/PQ04/18-20 Supply & Delivery of Computer and Laptops, Printers and Related ICT Items
  5. LSK/PQ05/18-20 Supply of Computer Related Accessories including Toners & Computer Consumables
  6. LSK/PQ06/18-20 Supply of Drinking Water & Water Dispensers
  7. LSK/PQ07/18-20 Supply and Maintenance of Power Back Up Systems UPS, Inverters and Power Stabilizers
  8. LSK/PQ08/18-20 Supply and Maintenance of Telephone/Telecommunication Equipment (Routers, PABX, Faxes Etc)
  9. LSK/PQ09/18-20 Supply of motor vehicle tires, tubes and rims, jacks, batteries Etc
  10. LSK/PQ10/18-20 Supply and Hire of Tents, Chairs Etc
  11. LSK/PQ11/18-20 Supply, Delivery, Installation, commissioning and Maintenance of CCTV Equipment and Security Related Devices
  12. LSK/PQ12/18-20 Supply of digital media equipment (Cameras and camera accessories, voice recorders, sound system, screens Etc)
  13. LSK/PQ13/18-20 Supply, delivery, Installation & Commissioning of ICT Related Software Solutions and Licenses
  14. LSK/PQ14/18-20 Supply, delivery, Installation & Commissioning of Communication and Editorial Related Software Solutions and Licenses
  15. LSK/PQ15/18-20 Supply, delivery and Installation of full colored barcodes, Asset tagging and Data capture, reconciliation and reporting system

  17. LSK/PQ16/18-20 Provision of Design, Publishing and General Printing Services
  18. LSK/PQ17/18-20 Provision of Photography & Videography Services (Pre & Post Production), Digital Communication, Sound System (PA Etc), and other related services
  19. LSK/PQ18/18-20 Provision of Valuation Services (Land, Building Motor Vehicle Etc)
  20. LSK/PQ19/18-20 Provision of Sanitary Services
  21. LSK/PQ20/18-20 Provision of Air Ticketing Services - (IATA/KATA Registered Firms Only)
  22. LSK/PQ21/18-20 Provision of Car Hire Services including Taxis, Buses & Mini buses
  23. LSK/PQ22/18-20 Provision of courier and mail delivery services
  24. LSK/PQ23/18-20 Provision of Security Guard Services
  25. LSK/PQ24/18-20 Provision of Fumigation and Pest Control Services
  26. LSK/PQ25/18-20 Provision of rebranding of the LSK signage
  27. LSK/PQ26/18-20 Provision of Garbage Collection Services
  28. LSK/PQ27/18-20 Provision of Internet Connectivity Services
  29. LSK/PQ28/18-20 Provision of Website and Domain Design and Hosting Services
  30. LSK/PQ29/18-20 Provision of General Insurance Services
  31. LSK/PQ30/18-20 Provision of Medical Insurance Services
  32. LSK/PQ31/18-20 Provision of Hotel & Catering Services, Conference and Accommodation facilities in Nairobi, Coast, South & North Rift, Western, Nyanza, Central and Eastern Regions
  33. LSK/PQ32/18-20 Repair & Maintenance of office Equipment & other related equipment
  34. LSK/PQ33/18-20 Provision of preventive maintenance works/small building works including renovations, partitioning, plumbing, electrical and related services
  35. LSK/PQ34/18-20 Provision of professional office cleaning services
  36. LSK/PQ35/18-20 Installation, maintenance and support of bulk email
  37. LSK/PQ36/18-20 Implementation of a document digitization system
  38. LSK/PQ37/18-20 Maintenance and repair of ICT equipment (computers laptops, printers Etc)

  40. LSK/PQ38/18-20 Provision of Statutory Audit Services – 2019/2020
  41. LSK/PQ39/18-20 Provision of Tax Consultancy Services
  42. LSK/PQ40/18-20 Provision of Human Resource Development Services ,Capacity Building, Recruitment and Training
  43. LSK/PQ41/18-20 Provision of Occupation Safety & Health Advisory Services (Training, Audits & Assessment)
  44. LSK/PQ42/18-20 Provision of Management Consultancy and Policy formulation Services
  45. LSK/PQ43/18-20 Provision of Media and Communication Consultancy Service

Pre-qualification documents can be downloaded from the downloads section or collected from LSK Offices, opp. Valley Arcade, Gitanga Road.

Interested Suppliers are required to make a non-refundable deposit of KES 5,000 per application/tender category payable to Law Society of Kenya, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd, Harambee Avenue Account No. 0102095866701, at any of Standard Chartered Bank Branches Countrywide. The deposit slip MUST be attached to the pre-qualification document. Special consideration will be granted to the youth, women and PWD who are highly encouraged to apply.

Completed prequalification documents clearly marked appropriately “Tender No. & Tender Description”, should be deposited in the tender box located at the LSK Secretariat, or posted to,

Secretary/Chief Executive officer

Law Society of Kenya

Lavington, Opp Valley Arcade, Gitanga Road

P. O. Box 72219– 00200


So as to reach on or before 6th July, 2018 at 10.00 am. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter on the closing date shown above in the presence of bidders or their representatives who may choose to attend at the LSK Boardroom. The Society would like to warn tenderers that any form of canvassing to influence the award of the tender(s) shall lead to automatic disqualification. The Society does not bind itself to prequalify any supplier(s) or give reasons for its decision.

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