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Request for Proposal LSK SIRD

23 July, 2019 11:07 AM Nairobi SIRD

The Law Society of Kenya’s Supporting Inclusive Resource Development (SIRD) Project in East Africa (the Project), hereby invites eligible Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to submit a proposal to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the above-referenced subject.

Supporting Inclusive Resource Development in East Africa (SIRD) is a five year project funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) to be implemented by the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) in the East Africa region, with a focus on Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, in collaboration with the law societies in those countries to increase sustainable economic growth for East Africans, in particular, women.

The project has two expected Intermediate Outcomes:

1. Increased engagement of East African law societies to advocate for law reform to reflect the principles of transparency, gender sensitivity and accountability in the extractive industries.

2. Increased community participation, particularly of women, to advance and protect their rights related to the extractive industries.

This RFP is designed to facilitate the selection of local CBO (“Contractors”) to act as contractors on behalf of The Law Society of Kenya regarding the implementation of project activities to achieve the results ascribed to the Project.

The Contractor will provide services as agreed below through this contract indicating the anticipated level of effort and Contractors’ fee (inclusive of all costs associated with the facilitation of deliverables i.e. administrative, communication, staff payments).

This is a CONTRACT mechanism not a GRANT. Contractors must indicate the facilitation fee inclusive of all costs associated to each task. Costs associated with venues, transport, refreshments will be directly reimbursable with official receipts.

Only CBOs/CSOs/Contractors working within the project area or county of implementation (Kwale County) are eligible to bid on 1 or more Tasks indicated in Annex 1. Selection of contractors will take into consideration organisational mandate, technical competency, and relevant community reach. Should you wish to take up this opportunity, kindly indicate your bid by filling out the relevant sections of the RFP document(s) with the relevant technical and financial information in Annex 2 (Main Duties/ Deliverables) and sending or returning signed copies to by COB 31/07/2109.

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