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Welcome to the Future of LSK: Reimagining Gitanga Road and South C!

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) is embarking on a ground-breaking journey to transform its landscape. This webpage is your one-stop shop for all things related to the exciting development projects planned for our Gitanga Road and South C properties.

A Vision for Progress

Imagine a modern LSK Secretariat at Gitanga Road, designed for optimal functionality and boasting ample parking – a member’s dream come true! Envision a vibrant community flourishing at the South C development, featuring state-of-the-art technology woven into thoughtfully designed apartment blocks. These are just glimpses of the future we’re building together.

Our Commitment to Transparency: The LSK Development and Investment Committee (LSKDIC)

The LSK is committed to keeping you informed throughout this development process. This webpage serves as a central hub for project updates, ensuring transparency and open communication with our valued members.

Leading this initiative is the LSK Development and Investment Committee (LSKDIC). Elected directly by the LSK membership, the Committee operates with autonomy, reflecting the trust and confidence placed in them by you.

The LSKDIC: Expertise at the Forefront

The Committee is comprised of a select group of members with specialized knowledge in project finance, taxation, and real estate. Their expertise is crucial in guiding the development process and ensuring the project’s success.

Unlocking Potential: The HBU Study

To determine the most optimal use of the Gitanga Road and South C properties, a comprehensive Highest and Best Use (HBU) study was conducted. This study involved meticulous evaluation by experts, ensuring the chosen development plans maximize long-term benefits for the LSK membership.

Member Engagement: Your Voice Matters

The LSK values your input. Following the completion of the HBU Study, we actively sought your feedback through various channels in October and November 2023. Thank you for participating! Your valuable insights are being incorporated into the development plan.

Moving Forward Together: Key Milestones Achieved

Significant progress has been made! Here’s a snapshot of key milestones achieved:

  • February 2023: Completion of the HBU Study.
  • October – November 2023: Member engagement activities to gather feedback.
  • November 17, 2023: Special General Meeting (SGM): Presentation of HBU Study findings, leading to the adoption of crucial resolutions.

A Detailed Look at Project Costs

While specific financial details are not provided at this time to protect sensitive negotiations, we understand your interest in the project’s financial structure. Here’s a breakdown of the anticipated fee structure for your reference:

Pre-construction Phase:

The LSK will be responsible for the following costs incurred during the pre-construction phase:

  • Boundary survey and beacon verification
  • Property valuation
  • Topographical survey
  • Geotechnical survey
  • Preparation of contracts
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) & associated National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) License fees
  • Traffic Impact Assessment and any associated Statutory Fees
  • Resident Association Approvals
  • National Construction Authority Fees
  • Nairobi City County Fees
  • Kenya Civil Association Fees (if required)
  • WARMA & NEMA Licences for borehole (if required)
  • EPRA Licenses (if required)

A separate agreement will be established with the chosen developer (LASER) outlining their fees for services rendered during the pre-construction phase. These fees will be payable by LSK upon signing the contract agreement. LASER’s fees are exclusive of reimbursable costs such as mileage expenses, accommodation, printing, marketing collateral, and visualization.

Construction Phase:

LASER’s fees for the construction phase will be 6% of the total contract sum. Payment will be made upon completion of specific milestones as outlined in the table below. Similar to the pre-construction phase, these fees are exclusive of reimbursable costs. The project timeline is anticipated not to exceed 3 years from the appointment of the EPC Contractor. Following this period, hourly rates will be applicable for ongoing services.

Post-construction Phase:

The post-construction phase encompasses project sales and marketing, as well as property and facilities management. These services will be procured separately, with fees determined by industry standards and the scope of work required.

We understand that financial transparency is important. The LSK remains committed to responsible financial management and will provide further details on project costs as they become available.

The Road Ahead: Selecting a Partner and Construction Timeline

With your continued involvement, we will create world-class facilities that serve the LSK membership and the broader legal community for years to come. We look forward to sharing further updates on the development plans

The Society was established by an Act of Parliament – The Law Society of Kenya Act (Chapter 18 of the Laws of Kenya). The Law Society in its present form was formed in 1948 by section 3 of the Law Society of Kenya Ordinance, 1949. That Act was later repealed by the current Law Society of Kenya Act, which came into force on 30th October, 1992.

LSK Development and Investment Committee (LSKDIC) Members

On 15th September 2023, the LSK Council held a joint meeting with the Development & Investment Committee on the optimization and development of the LSK Properties. The meeting marked the beginning of the public consultation and participation on the feasibility report on LSK Properties. The team will meet with the Branch Chairs and hold Branch membership consultative forums to share the reports and receive feedback on their report.
The feasibility report will be shared with the members for review prior to the consultative forums

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