The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) is Kenya’s premier bar association, with membership of all practicing advocates, currently numbering over twenty three thousand members. It has the mandate to advise and assist members of the legal profession, the government and the larger public in all matters relating to the administration of justice in Kenya.

The Law Society of Kenya membership consists of all practicing advocates in Kenya, currently numbering in excess of twenty thousand. By law, one must be a member of the Law Society of Kenya in order to practice as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya.


The Law Society of Kenya also has special and honorary membership. Special membership is conferred upon application to persons who possess the requisite legal qualifications.

  • Any advocate who is a member of the society by virtue of section 28 of the Advocates act.
  • Any person admitted to membership of the society under section 6 of the Law Society of Kenya Act.
  • Any person elected as an honorary member of the society under section 7 of the Law Society of Kenya Act.
  • Any person who may have at any time previously been a member of the society and who complies with the regulations of the society for the time being in force.
  • Any of the following persons who applies for membership of the society in the prescribed manner may be admitted as a member of the society by the council:
    – Any person mentioned in section 9 of the Advocates Act.
    – Any other legally qualified person for the time being resident in Kenya.
  • Provided that no person who hyas been expelled from membership of the Society shall thereafter be admitted as a member thereof under this section without the authority of a special resolution.
  • The council may elect as an honary member of the society any person whom it may think fit so to honor, either for life or for such a period as the council may in any case deem appropriate.Subject to the provision of the sections 27 and 28 of the Advocates Act, every member of the society shall pay the society such annual subscription as may be prescribed from time to time.
  • Information

The LSK acts as an information channel keeping members and the wider profession informed of legal developments of interest via its networks.

  • Learning and Training

Each year some CPD events are staged around the Kenya, from specialist events that address numerous areas of practice. Expert practitioners and leading representatives from government and regulatory bodies present extensive programmes – where participants can get actively involved in discussion and debate.The content and style of all our conferences and publications is designed by advocates for advocates – dialogue is the key, ensuring the sharing of practical experience, resulting in increased educational value.

  • Networking

The LSK is the perfect forum to strengthen connections with practitioners in Kenya. As a member of LSK you’re able to participate on committees, deliver topics at Law Society of Kenya conferences and seminars and take advantage of the Society’s networking opportunities.

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