Advocates’ Complaints Commission

The Advocates Complaints Commission is a department within the Attorney General’s Office. It consists of such commissioner or commissioners as may be appointed by the President for the purpose of inquiring into complaints against any advocate, firm of advocates, or any member or employees of an advocate or firm of advocates. Where the President appoints a single commissioner, the person appointed must be a person who is qualified to be appointed as a Judge of the High Court under Chapter IV of the Constitution of Kenya. Where the President appoints more than one commissioner, at least one commissioner must be so qualified.


The Commission is obliged by law to receive and consider a complaint made by any person, regarding the conduct of any advocate, firm of advocates, or any member or employee thereof.


If it appears to the Commission whether before or after instruction that there is substance in a complaint but that the matter complained of constitutes or appears to constitute a disciplinary offense, the Commission refers the matter to the Disciplinary Tribunal for appropriate action. In practice, the Complaints Commission prosecutes such matters before the Disciplinary Tribunal.

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