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Advocates and lawyers are subject to the laws of the land just like any other citizen. Accordingly, they are liable for any breach of the law in the same manner as any other person. Besides the law, advocates and lawyers have a higher calling to observe a strict code of professional conduct and etiquette in their dealings with clients, colleagues and members of the public. Breach of the code amounts to professional misconduct for which an aggrieved person may lodge a complaint with the Law Society of Kenya, the Advocates Complaints Commission or the Disciplinary Tribunal.


Complaints against advocates may be made to the Advocates Complaints Commission, which is a department within the Attorney General’s Chambers. The complaint should be in writing and supported by relevant documentary or other evidence. Complaints may also be addressed to the Disciplinary Committee, or the Law Society of Kenya. In practice, most complaints are dealt with by the Advocates Complaints Commission and the matter will normally be taken to the Disciplinary Tribunal if it is of a serious nature or if it involves professional misconduct on the part of the advocate.

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