Legal Awareness Week

The objective of the Legal Awareness is to promote the mandate of the Law Society of Kenya by extending legal literacy and awareness to members of the public. The public will also be advised on various aspects of the Law including Civic Education, Civil, Criminal and Family/probate. The Law Society of Kenya Branches shall also observe this week and coordinate their legal Aid activities at the branch level.


During the Legal Awareness Week, organizations involved in legal work will be given a chance to show-case their services with a view to promoting a better understanding by the public of the role lawyers play in the advancement of legal literacy and advocacy. Members of the Law Society of Kenya offer pro bono services to the public.


Legal Awareness Week October 2023

Under the Theme

Unlocking Justice: A Collective Effort to Decongest Prisons and Deliver Legal Aid”


The Law Society of Kenya (LSK), a professional statutory body established under the
Law Society of Kenya Act, 2014, conducted the Legal Awareness Week (LAW) 2023, a transformative initiative spanning three months with a focus on promoting access to justice, legal education, and addressing prison congestion. This comprehensive
approach aligns with LSK’s mission to advance the rule of law, uphold the Constitution of Kenya, and promote the rights of imprisoned persons and the underprivileged public. The initiative also seeks to engage both state and non-state actors in criminal justice reforms. The event was executed in two phases, with Phase 1 taking place from October 1st to October 31st, 2023.


In the pursuit of its mission, LSK has consistently observed the growing number of cases brought before the Kenyan courts and the subsequent rise in the number of individuals imprisoned for minor crimes. The challenges posed by the overcrowding of correctional facilities in Kenya, combined with the need to protect the rights of incarcerated individuals and the underprivileged public, have compelled LSK to embark on a crucial mission to facilitate Criminal Justice Reforms. These reforms aim to address the rights of prisoners and, in turn, potentially decongest the nation’s prisons. In 2023, the Law Society of Kenya adopted a proactive and transformative approach to realize its objectives by organizing an annual Legal Aid Awareness week, which was executed under the theme: “Unlocking Justice: A Collective Effort to Decongest Prisons and Deliver Legal Aid.” The initiative aimed to address prison overcrowding, promote 5 #BarsToJustice


legal awareness, and engage both state and non-state actors in the broader criminal justice reform agenda.



Legal Awareness Week Phase 1 Report 2023

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