Budget and Finance Committee

 The Committee’s mandate includes the following:

  1.  Looking into the general welfare of the members
  2. Improving members’ welfare to ensure that the physical, social and financial conditions under which members work are satisfactory
  3. Negotiating better terms of Health Insurance, pension and other related matters for members
  4.  Uniting members for the purpose of addressing their concern and issues within the society and the profession; and
  5.  Promoting the membership involvement in the Society’s activities.

The Committee undertook the following Activities in Y2013.

1.      Creation of the Mentorship Programme for Young Advocates: The Committee came up with a mentorship strategy for young advocates to help address issues touching on ethics, Discipline and financial propriety  among young advocates. The Committee has created a database of volunteer advocates who have ten (10) or more years in practice to assist in the mentorship programme.

2.      Law Society of Kenya’s Retirement Scheme The Committee signed a Memorandum of Understanding with LapTrust Administration Services to implement an individual pension plan for Members and their employees and are workng towards forming a registered umbrella pension plan for the Law Society of Kenya. The Benefits of the Scheme include: 

  •   Flexibility
  •   Tax Relief on the contributions and retirement Benefits up to the allowable limits
  •   High Investments Returns
  •  Flexible Payment Options
  •  Financial Security and higher Quality of life in Retirement
  •  In the event of death of a member, accrued benefits are paid to dependants

3.   The Last Expenses Benefit Cover: The Committee signed a memorandum of understanding with the Metropolitan Life (K) Limited to offer members a Last Expenses cover at an annual premium at Kshs. 1800 per year that shall pay Kshs. 100,000 upon death of either member or Spouse.

4.      Other Negotiated Benefits for Members by the Welfare committee include:

  •         Car Rescue Package with Automobile Association of Kenya (AA) that members obtain stated benefits at an annual flat rate of Kshs. 3,000.
  •          Air Evacuation Package with AMREF according to the Maisha Package a member is willing to enroll.
  •        Motor Insurance Package with UAP Insurance for members to get comprehensive motor private insurance at 4% per annum.

5.      Group Medical Cover: The Committee is also sourcing for cost effective Group Medical Cover for the Members. 


Committee Members

  • Alan Kosgei - Convener ADMISSION NO: __
  • Mwenda Salome KareiADMISSION NO: __
  • Rautta AthiamboADMISSION NO: __
  • Okeyo Jacqueline AkinyiADMISSION NO: __
  • Ouko Chabeda, RebaADMISSION NO: __
  • Alex GatunduADMISSION NO: __
  • Manthi MasikaADMISSION NO: __