Continuing Legal Education Committee

The Law Society of Kenya Committee on Continuous Professional Development (CPD) provides policy direction to the program and meets monthly to discuss ant pertinent issues surrounding the CPD program. The Committee also accredits other institutions, that facilitate sessions on professional development for lawyers.

The CPD Committee is mandated to work with the LSK Secretariat in the implementation of the CPD Calendar of Events, development of the curriculum and content of the program. The CPD Committee constantly reviews and develops the program and envisions a program that provides legal knowledge to all advocates practicing in different areas of law at an affordable rate and in an efficient manner.

Under the Committee's guidance, the Continuous Professional Development Program has become, in recent years, an integral aspect of legal practice in Kenya. It is one of the most vibrant program of the Law Society of Kenya. This is in line with its vision of structuring the on going training of advocates on the latest developments in the Law and acting as forum for discussion of proposed legislation.

The Committee has two sub-committees:

  • Education Committee: This Committee deals with accreditation matters of Advocates.
  • Finance Committee: This Committee deals with the budgetary issues of the Continuing Legal Education Program.


Committee Members

  • Rautta Athiambo - ConvenerADMISSION NO: __
  • Asugah, Henry OngichoADMISSION NO: __
  • Eric TheuriADMISSION NO: __
  • Julius KithekaADMISSION NO: __
  • Kitaa dorcas -Council MemberADMISSION NO: __
  • Moses EsikuriADMISSION NO: __
  • Maria NyarikiADMISSION NO: __
  • Martin OlooADMISSION NO: __
  • Khaseke, Georgiadis MakadiaADMISSION NO: __
  • Benjamin M MusauADMISSION NO: __
  • Mongare JosephineADMISSION NO: __
  • Josephine MongareADMISSION NO: __
  • Dennis MagareADMISSION NO: __
  • James M. KathiliADMISSION NO: __
  • Kinyanjui, Mary WanjikuADMISSION NO: __
  • Absaloms, Antoinette AtienoADMISSION NO: __
  • Muganda, Innocent OdhiamboADMISSION NO: __
  • Namatsi, JamesADMISSION NO: __
  • Njaramba GichukiADMISSION NO: __
  • Julius OnyangoADMISSION NO: __
  • Waweru, KimaniADMISSION NO: __
  • Kennedy ModiADMISSION NO: __
  • Mwok, Handa Ekaterina NabothovnaADMISSION NO: __
  • Njiru, Benson MbuthiaADMISSION NO: __
  • Amrit SoarADMISSION NO: __
  • Tom K’OpereADMISSION NO: __
  • John Oscar JumaADMISSION NO: __