LSK Unveils Bold Resolutions, Pioneering Revenue-Generating Real Estate Ventures with Legal Finesse


In a momentous gathering on November 17th, 2023, the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), emblematic of its unwavering commitment to the rule of law and universal access to justice, undertook a historic stride toward ground-breaking property development, championing a transformative vision.

Embracing the mantle of innovation, LSK envisions two pioneering projects, each poised to redefine its landscape:

Gitanga Road Development

A visionary plan envisaging:

  • LSK Secretariat offices: Designed for optimal functionality, the LSK Secretariat offices are crafted to cater not only to the legal community but also to the broader Kenyan public, housing essential facilities aimed at serving diverse needs.
  • Ample Parking Facilities: Prioritizing convenience and accessibility.
  • Office Spaces: A fusion of elegance and practicality, available for lease or sale, with members receiving priority.
  • Integration of Green Technology: Aligned with IFC EDGE Standard requirements for sustainable buildings.
  • Estimated Budget: KES 2.7 Billion

South C Residential Apartments

A paradigm of modern living:

  • Four Blocks of Apartments: Comprising 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units, designed to nurture community living while embracing modernity.
  • Off-plan Sale of Units: Facilitating financing without individual member investments.
  • Tailored Designs: Embedded with state-of-the-art technology, including water and air filtration systems, solar energy utilization, smart appliances, and wellness lighting.
  • Estimated Budget: KES 1.4 Billion.

These developments are set to revolutionize the Society, not only in terms of infrastructure but also as revenue-generating assets, fostering sustainability and growth.

During a pivotal moment, the Law Society of Kenya Development and Investment Committee (LSKDIC), consisting of 11 distinguished legal experts specializing in project finance, tax, and real estate, orchestrated seven pivotal resolutions that garnered unanimous adoption. Representing the committee, Charles Owiti, a seasoned advocate with 20 years of expertise, adeptly presented the Membership-Informed Symphony report to the esteemed members at the assembly. The key resolutions comprised:

Top of Form

  1. Adoption of HBU Reports: That the HBU Full Report, the HBU Summary Report, and the LSK’s Membership-Informed Symphony, be adopted as the foundational documents guiding the future development of the aforementioned land parcels.
  2. Mandate for Setting up Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs): That the LSKDIC and the Council be authorized to explore and establish Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) aligning with the HBU reports’ objectives.
  3. Proposal of Development Levy Modalities: That the LSKDIC and the Council be mandated to propose modalities for the establishment of a Development Levy, aligned with the objectives outlined in the HBU reports.
  4. Engagement with Stakeholders: That the recruitment of experts and consultants follow a transparent, competitive process in line with the HBU summary report, ensuring fairness and accountability.
  5. Fiscal Responsibility and Contingency-Based Agreements: That the LSKDIC and the Council are authorized to engage in contingency-based agreements, subject to scrutiny by the general membership, ensuring financial prudence and responsibility.
  6. Special General Meeting (SGM): That a future SGM be convened to consider and adopt detailed plans and agreements necessary for the project’s realization, aligning with LSK’s vision.
  7. Extension of LSKDIC Mandate for Project Maturation: That the Law Society of Kenya extends the term of the LSKDIC for an additional three (3) years. This extension aims to ensure continuity and strategic stability for the effective implementation and completion of the Society’s development project.

This momentous occasion stands as a testament to LSK’s unwavering dedication to the law, justice, and innovation. It marks a visionary stride toward transforming not only its physical infrastructure but also its very core—an embodiment of the values that define and elevate the legal fraternity.

Law Society of Kenya
Law Society of Kenya
The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) is Kenya’s premier bar association, with membership of all practicing advocates, currently numbering over twenty thousand members.

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