Congratulations to the 10 Participants Who Were Selected for the UK-Kenya Pilot Remote Young Lawyers Mentorship Program

The Young Bar Council of England and Wales and Law Society of Kenya provisionally agreed to a remote 1:1 mentoring scheme, with a pilot programme that will see 10 lawyers from Kenya being paired with 10 barristers practicing in England & Wales.

The program is designed to provide young lawyers with mentorship and professional development opportunities that will help them build International legal practice skills and grow their careers in their respective areas of specialisation. The program will run for a period of approximately one (1) year, during which there will be matched with a mentor who will work closely with each of them to provide guidance, support and advice. Congratulations on your selection and we are excited to have a successful run.

Law Society of Kenya
Law Society of Kenya
The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) is Kenya’s premier bar association, with membership of all practicing advocates, currently numbering over twenty thousand members.

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